The Vehicle

Choosing a safe car (Note that most cars brought into Trinidad are from Japan and may not meet the standards suggested).

Before a driver ventures onto any roadway, he/she should inspect the vehicle to see that it is in a safe working condition.

Firstly, a vehicle is only as safe as the driver! Secondly, any responsible driver will ensure that the vehicle they are driving is in roadworthy condition to minimize risk on the road and ensure the vehicle can be controlled. There are some things which absolutely must be inspected to continuously monitor road worthiness.

Vehicle Inspection – What is the Law?

M.V.R.T.A 2000

  • P (Private) – Must be inspected every 2 years (vehicle more than 5 years old)
  • H (Hire) – Must be inspected annually
  • T (Truck) – Must be inspected annually
  • R (Rental) – Must be inspected annually

P inspections can be made at any MOWT authorized vehicle testing station

T, H & R can only be inspected by Licensing Officers.

Vehicles which have successfully passed the Inspection are issued windscreen stickers which also indicate the validity period e.g. Jan 2006-Jan 2008.

The correct placement area for the sticker is the front upper left corner or lower left hand corner of the vehicle’s windscreen to allow easy identification during any traffic exercise.